SEALS, the Spatial Economic Allocation Landscape Simulator, is a land-use change model that downscales predictions of land-use change from aggregate (regional or coarse-gridded) inputs to a finer resolution (typically 10-300 meters). The primary comparative advantage of SEALS is fast computation. It is able to downscale to 300 meters globally (~8.4 billion grid-cells) in about an hour on a laptop. It is designed with parallelization in mind, and so scales well to high-performance, cloud or distributed computing. It is written in C++ for all performance-critical functions and uses Python for everything else. SEALS is a part of the Earth Economy Devstack, a software platform supported by NatCap TEEMs (The Earth-Economy Modellers).


Full instructions for installing SEALS can be found in the Installation Steps. SEALS is under active development and is changing rapidly. We have submitted this code for publication but are waiting on reviews.