MESH: Mapping Ecosystem Services to Human well-being

Mapping Ecosystem Services to Human well-being – MESH – is an ecosystem service assessment, mapping and reporting toolkit to enable sustainable decision making among governments, non-profits and businesses. MESH is an integrative modelling framework that calculates ecosystem service production functions and maps ecosystem service provision under different landscape management scenarios. The base model of MESH integrates and extends ecosystem service models from the Natural Capital Project's 'InVEST' toolkit into a graphical framework (Figure 1) and includes methods to automatically create input data, define scenarios and visualize outputs (without the need to use, e.g., ArcGIS).

MESH is hosted by The Natural Capital Project at Stanford University were you can download the most recent stable release. Please see to discuss MESH or request support. The most recent development release of MESH and links to data can be found on this page.

MESH 5-Minute Tutorial

Here's a horribly low-quality demo video I  created. Note that it's on a slightly dated version of MESH but still illustrates the basic work-flow.