Selected Peer-Reviewed Publications

  • Johnson, J. A., Runge, C. F., Senauer, B., & Polasky, S. (2016). Global Food Demand and Carbon-Preserving Cropland Expansion under Varying Levels of Intensification. Land Economics, 92(4), 579-592.
  • Carlson, K., Gerber, J., Mueller, N., Herrero, M., MacDonald, G., Brauman, K., Havlik, P., O’Connell, C., Johnson, J.A., Saatchi, S., West, P. (2016, in press). Greenhouse gas emissions intensity of global croplands. Nature Climate Change.
  • Vogl, A. L., Dennedy-Frank, P. J., Wolny, S., Johnson, J. A., Hamel, P., Narain, U., & Vaidya, A. (2016). Managing forest ecosystem services for hydropower production. Environmental Science & Policy, 61, 221-229.
  • Polasky, S., Bryant, B., Hawthorne, P., Johnson, J. A., Keeler, B., & Pennington, D. (2015). Inclusive wealth as a metric of sustainable development. Annual Review of Environment and Resources, 40, 445-466.
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  • Johnson, J. A, Runge, C. F., Senauer, B., Foley, J., & Polasky, S. (2014). Global agriculture and carbon trade-offs. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 111(34), 12342-12347.
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  • Runge, C. F., Johnson, J. A, & Runge, C. P. (2011). Better milk than cola: soft drink taxes and substitution effects. Choices, 26(3), 3.

Selected Reports and Professional Publications

  • Jones, S., Wood, S., Johnson, J. A. and Fabrice DeClerck, (2015). Making Ecosystems Count in the Sustainable Development Goals. Bioversity, CGIAR, Rome.
  • Johnson, J. A. Resilience profiles for GRP target regions, (2015). Conservation International working paper, submitted to Rockafeller Foundation.
  • Johnson, J. A., Sood, A. and Giordano, M. (2012). Modeling Food Demand with Changing Income Elasticity and Trade Barriers. International Water Management Institute (IWMI), Sri Lanka. Staff paper, used in updates to WATERSIM model.
  • Johnson, J. A., (2011). Estimating the Impact of Climate Change in Borneo. World Wildlife Fund, U.S. and Indonesia, staff paper. Washington, D.C.
  • Runge, C. F. and Johnson, J. A., (2010). Rivers of Gold: Where Does Corn Flow and Does it Make Sense. Conference paper, presented at Corn Belts: Iowa and International Agriculture, Grinnell College.

Selected Working Papers

  • Johnson, J.A., Wood, S., Jones, S., … and DeClerck, F. (2016, in prep). Mapping Ecosystem Services to Human Well-being: decision support tools to assess ecosystem and agriculture tradeoffs in data-scare locations.
  • Johnson, J. A., (2016, in prep). Food for Nature Payments: Global cost-efficiency optimization of payments for ecosystem services.
  • Johnson, J. A., (2016, in prep). Spatial interactions on rival public goods: agent-based, microeconomic simulation of fuelwood gathering in Tanzania.
  • Johnson, J. A., Derric Pennington and Bill Smith, (2016, in prep). Global estimates of agricultural profitability and conservation opportunity cost.
  • Wood, S., Jones, S., Johnson, J.A., .. and DeClerck, F. (2016, in prep). Mapping and operationalizing the contribution of ecosystem service to the Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Smith, B., Pennington, D. and Johnson, J. A. (2016, in prep). Assessing BONSUCRO Commodity Standards for Sugarcane in Brazil.
  • Runge, C.F., Polasky, S., Coggins, J., and Justin , J. A. (2016, in review). Retrospect and Prospect: rational behavior with variable time preference.
  • Sonter, L., Johnson, J. A., Nicholson, C., Richardson, L., Watson, K., and Ricketts, T. (2016, in prep). Multi-site interactions: understanding and managing offsite impacts of land use change on the supply and use of ecosystem services.

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