ImageJustin Andrew Johnson is PhD candidate at the University of Minnesota in Applied Economics where he researches the economics of climate change. He is also a research assistant on several projects and teaches courses, such as The Economics of Climate Change and Principles of Economics, at St. Olaf College.

Justin’s dissertation, entitled New Approaches to Climate Economics, presents several new modeling approaches and applies them to empirical examples.

  1. A time-variant dynamic general equilibrium growth model with sector-specific climate change damage functions, calibrated to high-resolution biophysical and climate impact data
  2. Game theoretic modeling of reciprocity in commons dilemmas (such as the climate commons) and incorporation of behavioral economics evidence into an extended-utility framework
  3. Geographic optimization methodology to assess how future food demands can be met while maximizing the value of ecosystem services
  4. Geographic econometric techniques that use household survey data to estimate ecosystem service cost functions.

It is Justin’s hope that his research will inform climate change negotiations, mitigation and adaptation policies and the general approach we take to planning for a more volatile physical world. In his spare time, Justin is an avid mountain biker and rock climber. He also spends time writing about the economics of online video games. He is fluent in Mandarin Chinese and enjoys traveling in Southeast Asia.